A surprised homeowner contacts My Oil Tank Removal Long Island

A homeowner who contacted My Oil Tank Removal Long Island  because he was recently surprised to find that he had been living in a house with a abandoned underground oil tank for over 40 years. Many buyers of pre-owned homes rarely check around for signs of disused underground oil tanks. Oil tank inspection experts say this is usually in cases where the buyer never had a one to one contact with the previous owner of the house.

Oil Tank Removal

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How to Care for Your Hardwood Flooring When You Have Pets

If you have a pet  and hardwood flooring at home, you should be alert at all times. It is extremely challenging to maintain a scratch-free and clean surface with all of the clawing and shedding that can happen from dogs and cats. Fortunately, there are expert hardwood flooring professionals out there that can offer expert advices, recommendations and solutions on how to take good care of your hardwood flooring even when you have pets at home. In this article, we have gathered some tips that homeowners with pets and hardwood flooring can do in a regular basis.

hardwood flooring

1. Curtail the Shedding

Shedding is common wherever there are dogs. While you can be able to stop the process, you can still have the power to minimize it. It is best that you regularly groom your dog using a high quality brush in order to remove excess fur. Consider trimming their fur in a regular basis as well as feed them with high quality food in order to prevent shedding. In addition to that, installing air filters and vacuuming regularly the entire house will help stop the spreading of hair.

2. Make Use of Rugs

Keeping your dog off of your hardwood flooring is neither a realistic solution nor is it practical. In order to minimize how much your dog walk on your hardwood flooring and potentially scratch them, consider placing rugs throughout your house.

3. Never Leave Spills Unattended

Always bear in mind to act fast on spills. If your dog makes a mess on your hardwood flooring, you should get to work right away. Simply use a paper towel for blotting up any wet spots as well as damping it in order to wipe it clean. You might also want to consider investing in a pet cleaner solution that is extremely safe for hardwood flooring. You can also spread some baking soda on that right spot while it is still damp and let it sat there for around a couple of house prior to vacuuming up.

4. Consider Investing in a Light to Medium Color for Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood floors that are light to medium colored generally show less hair and scratches. All else being equal, you can also consider picking high quality engineered floors compared to an engineered wood that has a thin wear layer. High quality engineered floors as well as solid wood flooring can be re-sanded or restored. Restoring your hardwood flooring is certainly a great benefit to those homeowners who are worried about per damage.

5. Avoid Glossy Colors 

Imperfections can easily be spotted in a shiny floor. When you have a pet at home, you can go for matte and satin hardwood flooring as it is a good material for hiding scratches and hair.

6. Choose a Hardwood Flooring with a More Pronounced Grain

Open grain hard woods like ash, oak, hickory as well as some other exotic woods can actually help a lot in drawing the eye away from any spots or scratches.

7. Consider Adding Some Texture

While this may not be totally applicable for everyone, wire brushing, hands scraping, or distressing hardwood floors in order to add texture can be a way to disguise the spots and scratches in they just blend in. Using reclaimed wood from factories, barns, and etc. is another way to reach a more rustic look that hides dents and scratches.

8. Put Rugs in an Area Where Your Dog Usually Stay

This is very self-explanatory; however, I’d like to remind pet owners that rugs are not just for protecting hardwood flooring from pets; they are a wonderful way to give accent to the overall look of the hardwood flooring you select.

9. Watch Out For Pet Urine

When you have a pet and hardwood flooring at home, you should always keep an eye out for your pet’s urine, as well as clean it up right away. Urine is considered as one of the most common fear of cat and dog owners who want to have hardwood flooring. The urine’s acid can also create damage to the wood as well as the finishes if it remains for a longer period of time.

10. Put Mats under Litter Boxes and Water Bowls 

Even with some modern finishes, plain water can damage hardwood flooring if left too long. Therefore, it is always a good idea to put some breathable mat under the water bowl of your pet kept on hardwood flooring. Pets that dribble a lot of water when they drink can also be moved to a tiled surface since saturated man mat left on hard wood is also a really bad idea.

For your hardwood floor refinishing or repair needs, it is best that you only consult the help of a professional hardwood flooring service provider.

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Home Foundation Cracks: Should You Panic?

Identifying the early warning signs of house foundation troubles can certainly lead to problems that can ultimately cost you thousands of dollars to repair. The sooner you know any potential problems in your foundation, the less expensive and much easier it is to repair them. Problems in your foundation might mean costly repairs. Here is what to look for in order to keep small foundation concerns from become really big headaches.

foundation cracks

The Four Basic Warning Signs Indoors

Homes settle over time, which is why a little unevenness is not a cause for panic. However, you would also want to be alert and mindful of these red flags that can mean more extreme foundation changes are taking place.

1. A door fails to latch or begins to jam.

2. Cracks visibly appear in your walls, especially over windows, doorways, or any part of the house where ceilings and walls meet.

3. Cracks open in ceramic or vinyl tile over concrete flooring.

4. Windows that are used to close and open suddenly start to stick and won’t close totally.

Check the Outside of Your Home

Moving outside, it’s time to check to find out if the foundation of your home is straight through sighting down your foundation’s wall length from each corner. Basically, all walls should be straight; both down and up from side to side. You should also check for leaning walls using a level.

A curve or bulge in either a poured concrete or a block foundation wall could certainly mean that the foundation of your home has already shifted or maybe your home foundation is contracting and expanding, putting too much pressure on walls.

Possible Causes of Cracks in Your Home Foundation

Cold Weather

Weather changes can really cause a lot of changes in your home. That is because when things get colder or warmer, it can result to your home’s building materials to shrink or expand. Because of that, you are able to see some cracks in your home and those are not very big deal. However, wider and deeper cracks can be a red flag due to other more complicated and serious problems. These can range from simple cosmetic annoyances to terrible red flags.

Bad foundation

You’ve probably heard that houses must settle for a while after they are built. That’s true, however, sometimes a house can settle too much. Houses that are not built on a good foundation could actually sink too much or set unevenly.

 Too much weight

At times, the cracks in the foundation of your home can be a caused of heavy loads placed on ceilings and floors. For example, hanging a very heavy lighting fixture can cause the appearance of cracks in your ceiling. Same goes with a very heavy kind of furniture such as a large bookcase, which can put too much strain on a room. This is especially true for houses with hardwood flooring.

 Structural problems

Home foundations problems can surely manifest in all different kinds of ways. Sometimes, you will be able to see big cracks in the walls, uneven floors, or crooked doorways. If you think there is any problem with the foundation of your home, it is imperative that you hire a professional contractor like www.myfoundationrepairliny.com before the situation of your house gets any worse. A professional and reputable contractor can certainly fix any damaged foundation, stopping the cracks as well as making sure your home remains a safe haven for you and your family members to live.

Too much moisture

Water access inside your home is really a life-saver, however, if it gets in the wrong place, water can also cause really big problems. It can cause your home’s materials to mold, bloat, weaken and rot. It can also cause your walls to crumble and crack. If some parts of your home’s foundation starts to crumble and crack and notice a bad smell or see mold, damage to water system could be the one to blame. Therefore, you always have to make sure that your plumbing system is properly working.

How to fix cracks

Minor house cracks can simply be patched using a drywall compound mixture. You can buy it on your local hardware store. Simply mix it up and apply it on the wall like paint. Unfortunately, not all home foundation problems can be repaired easily by an inexperienced individual such as you, who doesn’t have the proper knowledge, tools, skills and equipment. This is why hiring the right contractor for the job is necessary in order to make sure that all home foundation issues will be responded accordingly.

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